Dudu Busani - Dube

Dudu Busani-Dube is a 36-year- old print journalist by day and author by night.

She was born and raised in Kwa- Mashu, KZN. Busani-Dube left the excitement of Kwa-Mashu to come and ply her trade as a journalist in the early 2000s, but her storytelling began long before her trek to the City of Gold.

The author in her was first discovered by a high school teacher who was fed up with her “troublesome” ways and tasked her with writing a fictional story as punishment.

Dube has made her mark with the Hlomu series – three books that appeal to the average female black reader from the townships of South Africa.

The series is centered on eight Zulu brothers from Mbuba village in Greytown, who relocated to Johannesburg when they were young after their parents were killed in a mob justice attack during political violence in their area.

The books are relatable because they depict raw, African love stories, something not often told.

All three are narrated by the women who encounter and fall in love with the bug-eyed, tall, dark and handsome Zulu brothers. - IOL news

Dudu is currently in the process of writing her 4th Book ‘Zulu Wedding’ which is a narrative based on the film.

Though the book was written after the film, it will be released before the official films release and will be used as an additional marketing tool for the movie.

Dudu self publishes and already has a distribution deal with exclusive books and the popularity of her series and her fanbase will be of great benefit to our reading program with the Department of Basic Education as well as Sabc Education.

The book will be released nation wide and a book tour and the book release event will run concurrently with the promotion on the film.